Transmission Shop

West Chazy, NY

Your car's electrical system plays a crucial role in its overall operation. The electrical system is composed of the alternator, starter and battery. The battery powers the starter, and then the alternator provides the battery with the energy it requires to power the car. The alternator keeps the electrical system going and the car battery charged up while the engine is running. If one of these components fails, the car will not be able to run or start correctly. At J&J Auto Repair, we provide Auto electrical service and diagnostics to our clients in West Chazy, NY and the surrounding areas.

It can be difficult to establish when a starter will fail, but a simple electrical system check at J&J Auto Repair will quickly identify the warning signs. The electrical system check can also tell you whether the alternator is producing the required amount of voltage and current. Our highly trained technicians perform electrical system checks to make sure everything is working as it should. It points out any issues that may occur with your car's electrical system. That way, you will be able to diagnose any issues with your alternator before you are completely grounded. If our technicians identify any issues, they will immediately notify you and map out the best course of action.

The importance of your car's electrical system cannot be emphasized enough. Immediately you turn the key, your vehicle's electrical system springs into action. Once the battery has juiced up the starter, it turns and the alternator supplies the battery with the energy it requires to power up the wipers, defroster, lights, air conditioner, radio and other accessories. If the electrical system is showing any signs of acting up, don't hesitate; take it to your auto transmission shop immediately to ensure the voltage is correct and prevent further potential damage.