Tire Services

Champlain, NY

Regularly checking on your tires has several benefits. To begin with, your tires will wear out evenly, which significantly extends their life span and improves the car's fuel economy. When properly maintained, the tires perform optimally, which means dependable traction, better handling and an overall comfortable ride. One of the most important tire services is the inflation. The tire pressure should always be set to the pressure specified in the vehicle's tire information placard or owner's manual.

Overinflated tires tend to be stiff and rigid, significantly reducing the tire's contact patch (amount of rubber that is contact with the road). This causes an uneven tread wear on top of making it harder to drive. Due to the increased rigidity of an overinflated tire, it is easily susceptible to damage from everyday road hazards like potholes. Under-inflating the tires can bend and flatten the tire, which results in complete tire failure. At the very least, poorly inflated tires undergo more stress and tread wear. In the worst case, it may lead to loss of control resulting in an accident. If you are not sure about what tire pressure is appropriate for your car, the tire experts at J&J Auto Repair can advise you accordingly.

Another important part of tire servicing is tire rotation. Rotating the tires as part of your regular maintenance has multiple benefits. It is the best way to ensure that all four tires have an even amount of tread wear. Regularly rotating the tires also helps to extend the life of your car's suspension. Since the wheels have to be removed in order to rotate the tires, we usually take the opportunity to look at other things such as under carriage components and the brakes. This saves you the trouble of having to ask ‘is there a brake shop near me?' once your tires have been serviced. Call us today for the most reliable and affordable tire services in Champlain, NY.